Shrimati Narsamma Hirayya Shaikshanik Trust, Amaravati

Shrimati Narsamma Arts, Commerce & Science College

Kiran Nagar, Amravati

Department of Botany

PSO (Program Specific Outcomes)

An Aspirant can learn

  • To understand basic concepts of plant Sciences.

  • To understand & compare different types Plant Population & community interactions.

  • To understand concept of lower plant groups including Algae, Fungi & Bacteria.

  • Learn to distinguish between Lower & Higher Plant groups

  • Learn to compare habitats of plant communities

  • Learn to study behavior of Bryophytes & Pteridophytes

  • Learn to study and analyze different applications of microbes.

  • To understand Concepts of Cytology & Genetics

  • To illustrate the working of chromosome & DNA in a plant cell

  • To get Knowledge of principles of evolution through paleo-botany

  • To understand systems of classification of lower & Higher Plants.

  • To understand Geological Time Scale for Paleontological studies.

  • To distinguish between ex-situ & in-situ conservation strategies of plants

  • To understand basic information about medicinal plants & ethno-botany.

  • To understand standards of genetic engineering & Tissue culture.

  • To understand Mycorrhiza, its types & applications

  • To understand & compare various branches of biology

  • To understand Physiological & ecological principles and its application

  • To understand concept of Taxonomy, Anatomy & Embryology of Angiosperms

  • To understand concepts of bio-chemistry, enzymology & bio-technology.

  • To demonstrate botanical phenomenon in laboratory through live specimens & practical demonstrations.