Shrimati Narsamma Hirayya Shaikshanik Trust, Amravati

Shrimati Narsamma Arts, Commerce & Science College

Kiran Nagar, Amravati

Goals and Objectives

Sourced from its vision statement, and keeping in tune with its mission this College has identified the following goals and objectives:

  • To provide counseling and financial assistance to the students seeking admissions from financially and socially weaker sections of the society;

  • To provide excellent infrastructure, encouraging atmosphere and equal opportunities to the students to make the process of learning an enriching and transforming experience;

  • To inculcate among the students the spirit of scientific inquiry, intellectual discourse and culture of tolerance;

  • To promote the culture of creativity, originality and individuality among the students and the staff;

  • To provide excellent sports, games and physical training facilities for the physical development of the students;

  • To encourage and promote the students’ participation in the activities of fine arts, performing arts, visual arts and other creative forms of artistic expression.

  • To promote, maintain and strengthen the culture of research in the fields affecting everyday life;

  • To encourage the positive and relevant and meaningful use of technology, including ICT on and off campus among the students, the staff and the management;

  • To empower girl-students and the women staff by establishing special Redressal / Counseling Cells.