Shrimati Narsamma Hirayya Shaikshanik Trust, Amaravati

Shrimati Narsamma Arts, Commerce & Science College

Kiran Nagar, Amravati

Department of Computer Science

CO (Course Outcomes)

B.Sc Part I (Computer Science)

Course Objectives: The objectives of this course are

  1. This course introduces the concepts of computer basics, Introduction to OS, File System and File Handling, Programming Concepts, Computer Networking and Internet.

  2. This course also introduces the Web Technology using HTML, XML and Style sheets

  3. The C programming language is used to demonstrate fundamental as well as advanced programming concepts

Course Outcome: On completion of the course students will be able to

  1. Understand the concept of input and output devices of Computers and how it works and recognize the basic terminology used in computer programming

  2. Understand the concept of Operating system, associated file system, file operations

  3. Write and understand flowcharts, algorithms and program documentation

  4. Understand the concept of Computer Networking and use of Internet

  5. Acquire critical thinking skills to design and create websites using knowledge of HTML, XML and CSS code.

  6. Develops the use of the C programming language to implement various algorithms, and develops the basic concepts and terminology of programming in general.

  7. Understand and use more advanced features of the C language