Shrimati Narsamma Hirayya Shaikshanik Trust, Amaravati

Shrimati Narsamma Arts, Commerce & Science College

Kiran Nagar, Amravati

Department of Computer Science

PSO (Program Specific Outcomes)

Learning outcomes for Graduate and Post Graduate students

The 3 and 5 years Computer Science Programs at Arts Commerce and Science College are designed to give students a broad understanding of the fundamental concepts in Computer Science along with practical lab,developing project and delivering seminars.

The emphasis stream in 3 years program (Computer Science degree course) gives students the opportunity to study a particular aspect of Computer Science in depth within the context of their university syllabus. Graduate should have acquired knowledge and skills that will allow entry into laboratory or field jobs, or further study related areas.

Students of 5 year program (Computer Science PG degree course) should be prepared for NET / SET examination to become Assistant Professor in College, can become Software Developer, Application Analyst, IT Consultant, Multimedia Programmer, Database Administrator, Game Developer, BSNL Project Executive, Telecom Technical Assistant, Hardware design engineer, Android Developer, robotics engineer, Bank’s IT officer, IT Professional in Government offices, also can take the private tuition classes etc.

Graduate and Postgraduate out comes while learning Computer Science Subject:

  • To understand fundamental concepts of components of computer.

  • To understand generation and classification of computer.

  • To aware about features of operating system like windows, Unix, Linux, open sourse.

  • To understand concept of Data Structure.

  • To learn programming languages like C, C++, Java, Visual Basic.

  • To learn to data base concept in SQL and PL/SQL

  • To understand concept of HTML and XML.

  • To learn about creation of web page using HTML and XML

  • To understand concept of Networking.

  • To understand concept of project development in various domain.

Research skills

  1. Collect proper domain samples by using proper methods and techniques

  2. Maintain proper research records for proper results and conclusion

  3. Use current laboratory and hardware instrumentation, computer application and statistical techniques in the collection of data, organization, analysis and interpretation of data

  4. Design, conduct, report domain - based research project.Use quantitative reasoning, observation, technical and analytical skills for scientific problem solving and interpretation of Computer Science data.

Program Specific Outcomes

B.Sc (Computer Science)

Program Objectives: The objectives of this Program are to inculcate the following qualities in the students and to assess them at different levels

  1. Broadly Educated and Versatile. Able to draw upon foundational knowledge, learn, adapt and successfully bring to bear analytical and computational approaches on changing societal and technological challenges.

  2. Inspiring and Collaborative. Is a leader and a responsible citizen whose strengths come from an ability to draw on and contribute to diverse teams, expertise, and experiences.

  3. Innovative: Drives scientific and societal advancement through technological innovation and entrepreneurship.

  4. To assess the curricular skills acquired by students at college level through Assignments, Unit test, Internal Test, Group Discussion/Seminar/Mini Project, Study Tour.

  5. To conduct co-curricular and extra-curricular activities for overall personality development.

Program Outcome: On completion of the Program students will be able to

  1. Understand the Computer Science in the following core knowledge areas like Algorithms, Data Structures, Programming Languages, DBMS, SQL, PL/SQL, Visual Basic

  2. Apply problem-solving skills and the knowledge of computer science to solve real problems.

  3. Understand how technological advances impact society and the social, legal, ethical and cultural ramifications of computer technology and their usage.

  4. Write about and orally communicate technical material about computer science and computer systems, broadly conceived.

  5. Develop the sense of responsibility towards the society, academic community and the nation in general.